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Estate Planning‚Äč

Without an estate plan, your family is at the mercy of the courts and statutes after you die.  You will be termed "intestate," meaning you died without a will, and before any of your assets can be recovered, your loved ones will be forced to petition the courts to make distributions according to statutes that determine who gets what.  Worse, it can be months before your family sees a dime, forcing them to come out of pocket to cover funeral expenses and to manage your affairs (such as paying your mortgage timely to avoid a foreclosure disaster).

A well thought out estate plan avoids all of this.  It is even possible to ensure that some (or all) assets are preserved outside the probate process, avoiding courts altogether.  This can be especially important for younger families.  Your last will and testament should name the person or people that will take care of your children if you pass away suddenly.  (We recommend at least three options for young children.)  A complete estate plan also sets out a game plan for handling your health care and financial decisions in the event that you become incapacitated.  

Our estate planning attorneys bring their extensive understanding of the probate process, trusts, and taxes to the table to ensure that your plan is perfect.  We are the attorneys that teach other attorneys how the job is done, speaking at numerous highly regarded legal seminars each year.  Our expertise finds its way into the product. We expertly draft estates to meet the needs of the individual.  As with all of our services, our consultations are always free.