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IRS Audits and Appeals

The experienced IRS audit attorneys at FGP Law are prepared to defend individual and business audits and appeals at every level, from the initial examination, through administration appeals, and litigation in U.S. Tax Court and U.S. District Courts.  

Audit and appeals procedures are extraordinarily time sensitive, and once a deadline is passed, options are forever closed.  Moreover, the IRS frequently ignores any information or documentation that is not presented timely or in the correct format.  An examiners decision to ignore documentation typically leads to expenses or deductions being disallowed, increasing tax liabilities and many times resulting in aggravated penalties.  Engaging top-flight tax counsel as soon as possible is essential to a Taxpayer's defense.  

No audit or appeal should be handled alone.  Audit examiners and appeals officers are trained to interrogate Taxpayers to expose reporting errors or financial missteps.  Anything a Taxpayer says to an examiner or appeals officer may be used against the Taxpayer.  It is often safest and wisest to speak through experienced tax counsel.  

Our tax attorneys offer free consultations to assess the complexity of your audit or appeal.  If you have received a Notice of Deficiency and have a deadline to file a Tax Court Petition, our lawyers can guide you through the process and counsel you as to whether filing a petition is the right move.

Small tax liabilities may be resolved without an attorney.  Save your money and resolve the problem yourself.  If the IRS alleges that you owe $10,000.00 or less, it may be wise to handle the audit examination yourself.  If the audit is unsuccessful and you still want to fight the assessment, call a tax professional within the time frame to file an appeal or Tax Court Petition.