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Tax Exempt / Non-Profit Organizations

Many people dream of giving back to the community through a tax exempt or non-profit charity organization.  The goal is admirable, but the process can be so complicated that too many great visions are left unfinished.  

The first step in the process is always to register your non-profit organization with your state, but the requirements for an organization to be tax exempt under the laws of most states are not as rigorous as attaining tax exempt status from the IRS.  Once your state has recognized your organization as tax exempt, the next step is to file with the IRS through the Form 1023 application.  Unfortunately, because of the requirements for the IRS are typically more extensive than the state, the process often falls apart at the state level and never makes it through the 1023 application.

The IRS offers two formats, the customary Form 1023 application and the newer Form 1023-EZ format.  However, if the documents filed with the state do not match the requirements of the IRS, neither application will get the job done.  

The tax and business attorneys at FGP Law have been establishing non-profit organizations for years under Section 501(c)(3) and others. Our professionals will guide you through the process to ensure that your tax exempt organization is up and running, giving back to the community, in the shortest time possible.  Consultations are always free.