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Sometimes family members pass with very small estates, and it does not make sense to hire a lawyer because the exposure to suit for mishandling the estate is very limited.  It is always best to at least consult with an experienced attorney, but if the  cost outweighs the benefit, it may be best to try consider probating the estate yourself. Below are links to some common probate forms:




Trusts and Estates

Estate Planning

Estate Planning may be the most important reason to hire an attorney, and it is about more than forming a will to make sure the right person gets your money when you die.  A solid estate plan is essential to name the person that will care for your children, should you pass away suddenly, without having a court make the decision for you.  A well-developed estate plan will also provide a instructions for your loved ones should you become temporarily incapacitated, allowing them to make medical decisions that honor your wishes and to manage your finances while you recover.  

Of course, money and property are also issues.  The attorneys are FGP Law apply their expert understanding of tax and financial complications to limit or eliminate any tax impact on your estate, and to assist you in reducing your tax liability while you are alive.  Our specialists can also assist you in making sure that your money is managed properly long after you are gone through vehicles such as spendthrift trusts and family limited partnerships.

​Probate and Probate Litigation

Many of our clients come to us after their loved ones have passed, having learned that they were named executor in a will, or will have to serve as administrator because their loved one did not make a will.  The probate process can be complicated and arduous, with or without a will. Our attorneys have handled probate and estates in numerous states and will ease the process to ensure that distributions are made timely and efficiently.  

In the event that beneficiaries or executors are not adhering to the will of the deceased, our attorneys intervene on behalf of our clients to litigate the claims.  As always, our Roswell and Alpharetta estate planning attorneys are happy to provide free consultations to help you determine your level of need.