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A great business plan requires sound tax and asset protection planning.  The tax and business attorneys of FGP Law, LLC use their extensive experience to design ironclad business structures that prevent problems from arising for both established companies and start-up ventures.  

Tax planning and asset protection are not just for businesses.  Our attorneys guide individuals throughout the Atlanta area in minimizing tax impact, defending IRS audits, and battling the Internal Revenue Service in U.S. Tax Court or Federal District Court.  Whether it is an irrevocable trust to protect a loved one or counsel to navigate a complex audit appeal, FGP Law has the solution.

Our lawyers serve Roswell, Alpharetta, and Atlanta, but also handle matters for clients in venues throughout Georgia and Florida.  Our consultations are always free.

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"I have known Frank for several years and he is a fine litigator. He has represented clients of ours and has provided a great value to his clients." - Michael Thompson of Thompson & Associates CPAs

"Super smart and responsive. Frank knows his way around the legal system and has done an outstanding job with our company and personal legal needs." - H. Steinborn

"I have worked with Frank on several matters. He is intelligent and professional. Frank’s talent, diligence, and experience have produced excellent results for his clients. I highly recommend Frank and would not hesitate to work with him in the future." - Andrew Vasquez



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